Rooted and released.

Rooted in Jesus. Released to make disciples.


Rooted and released.

Rooted in Jesus. Released to make disciples.


Join us!

10,000 Yankee Hill Road, Lincoln, NE 68526

(402) 421-6344

Regular Sunday Service Times:

First Worship Service - 8:30am

Adult & Children’s Bible Classes - 10:00am

Second Worship Service - 11:00am

Join us!

Join us!


Current Sunday morning focus:

This new year we continue our JOURNEY of identifying and practicing our 5 Core Values! All these Values when practiced enable us to live out our mission of being "Rooted in Jesus and Released to Make Disciples!"

  1. Everyone worships because God is over all.

  2. Everyone belongs because everyone is loved.

  3. Everyone connects because we are better together.

  4. Everyone serves because everyone has something to offer.

  5. Everyone equips because everyone is part of the mission.

Starting Sunday, January 13 we look at our third value: "Everyone Connects because we are better together!" Our mission is not lived out alone. Not only do we belong to Jesus but we belong to a family! Our mission is lived out in community and we invite you to join us as we discover God’s heart for us to be in close relationship with him while in close relationship with others.


I'm new here!

I'm new here!

+ Where are you located?

10,000 Yankee Hill Road, Lincoln, NE 68526

PHONE: 402-421-6344

+ What are your service times?

Summer Schedule (June 10 - Aug 5)

9am - Classes for all ages

10am - Worship service

Sunday Worship Services (Through June 3)

8:30am & 11am - Worship services

10am - Classes for all ages

*Bible classes for kids, youth, college, young adults, and adults

+ Is there a difference between the two worship services?

Through the school year: Our 8:30am service is an acapella worship service, and our 11am service is an instrumental worship service. In the Summer: Our one service rotates between acapella and instrumental week to week. In any service you can expect to be welcomed with friendly faces, enjoy a free cup of coffee, hear a Jesus-centered lesson from the bible, worship and singing, and opportunities to celebrate Jesus and connect with people.


+ What do you offer for kids?

Summer Schedule...

During our 10am summer worship service we will have a structured time for kids of all ages...

  • Toddler Time for kids 1-3 and Kids Crew for kids 4-8

School Year Schedule...

We offer a structured time for kids during services:

  • 8:30am Service: Toddler Time for kids 1-3

  • 11am Service: Toddler Time for kids 1-3, as well as Kids Crew for kids 4-8.

Bible class happens from 10-10:45am for kids ages 1year to 6th grade, Middle and High School students, college, young adults, and adults.

+ What should I wear?

Dress is casual, feel free to wear what is most comfortable for you!

+ What is Bible class like?

Bible classes are available for many different ages and demographics throughout the year...

  • Kids 1 year old to 6th grade,
  • Middle and High School students
  • College, young adults, and adults.
  • Men's and Women's classes

Its an opportunity for each age group to dig into a study of God’s word, apply it to our lives, and grow in our love for Jesus and people. Classes at Heartlands Church are more than just a study, it's an environment where community is created and people walk alongside each other in following Jesus.

+ Have another question?

Contact us!

About Heartlands

About Heartlands

Heartlands Church is an Independent Non-Denominational group who has been serving the Lincoln area since it was founded in 1997.


We Desire that everyone at Heartlands Church be connected in Christ-centered relationships with each other by involvement in a small group community. We refer to this as CONNECT!


We desire to equip everyone at Heartlands Church to go make disciples as Jesus did. We refer to this as COMMISSION!


We Desire that everyone Know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and with Joy pursue lives that are devoted to Him. We refer to this as CAPTIVATE!


We desire that everyone at Heartlands Church use their God- given Time, Talent and Treasure to serve in Jesus' Kingdom. We refer to this as CONTRIBUTE!